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"Who you are" (crossover: Primeval & Watchmen)

title: Who you are
crossover: Primeval & Watchmen

summary: one of the Watchmen is there when Helen Cutter is finally laid to rest.

Nick's POV:

As everyone else filed off to return to work (they were still on-duty at the moment), Nick noticed one trenchcoated figure standing in the shadow of a tree not far off, watching the whole thing. So Nick walked over to ask, "Did you know my wife?" Nick asked.

"Your ex-wife, as you liked to remind her," gravelly voice replied. "You enjoyed pouring salt in her wounds," stated with all the enthusiasm - rather the clinical lack thereof - that one of Nick's professors in Uni had had.

"An' if you don't mind my asking, who are you?"

The guy looked up from what he was contemplating, and would've looked Nick in the eyes - if the man had had any eyes visible. As the inkblots flowed across his face, he asked challengingly, "Who do you think?"


"Rorschach's journal.

"Observed Helen Cutter's funeral. Quiet. Nobody wanted to be there. I'm not surprised - she tended towards confronting people with uncomfortable truths. Encountered her husband, who is more arrogant than she implied. Typical; self-righteous and holier-than-thou. No doubt he regularly visits prostitutes.

"It's starting to rain. No matter."
Tags: helen cutter, primeval fanfiction
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