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Primeval 3.01 episode review

* to be fair, when I saw that creature (both now and in the pic ads), I thought it was Postosuchus.

* how exactly did Becker know what they did in the ARC? is this going to be like in Stargate, all the other military branches know what the SGC is/does ?

(it probably doesn't help that the same sigil on Becker's shoulder patch, is on the sign out in front of the ARC. for shame!, even Leek had a better sense of covert)

* we can pardon any thought Dr Paige might've had ("the Arc/?/Ark"), given that she thought she just saw Ammitt trying to eat her.

(probably was inwardly panicking: "my heart, my heart, why do you testify against me?")
with apologies to the Ancient Egyptians :D

Page or Paige? or is it a regional difference?

* o ho ho, scriptwriters, I see what you're trying to do, making us ship Connor with the lovely Dr Paige. but no, I shall not be deterred from Becker/Paige !

* *looks at the sun-in-the-west hieroglyph. oh. holy. crap. I've seen that before. Pretty sure we all have. and in RL!
if you're unsure, add hands

* Prischampus? all the terrestrial crocs of the Eocene and thereabouts, and they pick Prischampus?

* then again, based on what they've shown of the Creature, it's rather like a Thylacine: from the rear, it looks like one creature; from the front, it looks entirely different.
(it's been said a thylacine looks like a wolf front half, bound to a kangaroo back half)

* hm...these Future Predators seem to have heat-sensing as well...or is that a way of telling we the viewers about the density of the objects being imaged?

* and are we now seeing them in their native habitat? or were they brought there to serve as guards?

* "Bow." "I'm not bowing." :D

* my biggest gripe is that Cutter and Abby (and Page, sadly) seem to assume that this is the same animal that posed for statuary in Ancient Egypt, rather than simply being a member of the same species.

(technically, I have one gripe even bigger: Ammitt was depicted as having the head of a croc, forequarters of a cat, and the hindquarters of a hippo)

* so her job is to see if she can figure out where anomalous creatures show up? (so, which came first, the dragon of Assyria or of China? the Ziz of Japan, or the Rukh of Arabia?)

how do you tell the difference between a Creature from another time, and an animal whose identity was mistaken?

* sending it to North Korea??

gee, no thoughts of studying the danged thing, to see if there was anything they could use, besides "oh its made of magnetite" ?

* and the return of the Clone Army!

* Helen's getting darker hair too...just like Claudia-Jenny.

next time:

so...a hyperactive aye-aye--looking Creature that may be of rodent descent?
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