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Primeval: 3.02 observations


* how much of this episode was misdirection on Helen's part? if you give Nick a puzzle, he'll focus on that, and pay less attention to the lurker in the house. (that and Nick probably doesn't expect a second anything so close on the heels of the break-in at the ARC)

* oh, so many lovely wonderful significant glances between Page and Becker. how very sweet it was!

* come on now, does nobody in the ARC remember the sabertooth? I mean, how is it nobody even briefly ever-so-briefly considers the possibility of an Anomaly already having opened and closed.

* to quote Shrek, "you have the right to remain silent, Donkey; what you lack is the capacity."

* though now they have to investigate not just myths, but also missing persons' reports.

* for most of the episode, I thought the little girl was either the same species or a different one than the thing in the house - there are degrees and levels of camoflage! even nowadays, that's true.

* I have a feeling that the Cleaner is one of the missing boys.

* is it just me noticing this, or do all the little girls in the UK have puppies?

* that Creature didn't just have a primate hand, it had a human hand - look at the thumb!

* I have a feeling that this thing wasn't carnivorous - if it was, why didn't it take a bite out of Abby when she was knocked cold? no, I think its more like therizinosaurs and giant sloths - the claws are for defense. (the speed, we can put down to how much sugar it's been getting)

next time:

* one minute, Connor says "where is everyone?" and the next, the room is full of Cleaners. :D

* though its a step up - last time a team member was alone in the ARC, he found a Future Bat hunting him.

* "definately fired" :D
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