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tonight's CASTLE

motor oil? bad time to ask about Castrol G-T-ek?

* Castle better be careful - Beckett, the Chief, and the Judge aren't the only ones gunning for him now. "make him cry like a little girl" :D

* for much of this, I thought Susan wasn't dead - that not only was she the killer, she was Lee Wax. (reconstructive surgery after the explosion, plus time)

* I confess, I didn't see that development with Susan Mailer coming (and where have I seen that actress? she usually plays the quiet, soft-spoken person, more a witness or passer-by)

* as to Lee Wax herself...I suspect we haven't seen the last of her.
(though, if they wanted to charge her, it would probably be...Incitement To Murder or something along those lines)

...though she looks scarily like Alexis. (which is the main reason I'm not shipping Castle/Lee EVER)
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