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NatM-drabble: "Shake on it"

all typos are my own.

Fandom: Night At The Museum II: Battle Of The Smithsonian.
fic list is here.

Title: Shake on it.
Characters: George Armstrong Custer, Sacajawea.
mention made of: Elizabeth Custer nee Bacon, Monahsetah the daughter of chief Little Rock of the Cheyenne, Lewis and Clark.
Set: After the Battle, before the return to NY.

Summary: Custer has one more surprise.

Reference: "Squaring Custer's Triangle" in the 'Wild West' magazine.
Location: Smithsonian basement:

Everyone was arrayed in two lines and walking in opposite directions - Lawrence's idea, saying sports teams did it so everyone could say hi.

And so, after she and Amelia Earheart said their goodbyes, Sacajawea saw who was next in line, and stifled a silent groan when she recognized him: the man she'd been trapped in that crate with.

General Custer started to extend his hand to her, then hesitated. "You won't catch anything, will you?" he asked her.

A little surprised he wasn't asking it the other way around, Sacajawea shook her head.

"Good," he said, and grabbed her hand.

" fought well, General," she said. If I had lacked diplomacy, I would've killed Lewis and Clark years ago.

"Libbie would've liked you," Custer said as he shook her hand. "So would Monahsetah."

Sacajawea paused. Wait. You couldn't pronounce my name, but you can pronounce... "I'm sure we'd get along well."

"Definately," and raised his shaking hand to tip his hat just a bit. "Well, adios little lady."
the end
Tags: fanfiction, fic, night at the museum fanfiction
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