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Is time travel a form of infidelity?

I was watching an episode of Lost, minding my own business, when my muses started to ask me
* what if Juliet (from the most recent series finale) washed ashore on the beaches that the Oceanic folks kept to back in season 2...and tried (re)kindling her relationship with Sawyer?
* what if Jin was leaped forwards to after Sun had been attacked (by Charlie?) would Sun handle being cared for by two Jins?

...and that led to thoughts of the book The Time Traveler's Wife

...and that made me wonder "wait, something about those Lost what-ifs is wrong"...but I couldn't figure which part it'd be.

maybe I was just worried about the potential paradox (does the 1970s Jin's presence remove the other Jin? if not, would they argue over which of them is Sun's husband?)

or maybe I was just suspicious of Sawyer - this was before he was captured by the Others, after all...back while he was still engaged in cons and long-plans. so that probably wouldn't be fair to Juliet (though I have no doubt she can con and long-plan with the best of them, if she has to)
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