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Numb3rs/Mentalist crossover: "Red Cloth"

edited. (thank you, everyone)

Title: Red Cloth.
Rating: PG
Challenge: Universe/Summer Crossover Spectacular: Mentalist crossover.
Summary: Ian gets the short end of the stick, and everyone thinks about Van Pelt and Amita, much to Liz's amusement.
Word Count: 186
Spoilers: The Mentalist's entire season; Numb3rs series finale (the recent one)
Disclaimer: I own neither show - if I did, Cho and Amita would be good friends. (or having a long-distance relationship...)

edited fic is here

This case had been different than normal: they had had to arrest someone - who killed people who engaged in the miscegenation of clothing - before Red John could. The case had just ended, and Ian was standing with the join teammembers, watching Nikki walk off with Cho.

"'I guess I like the strong silent type,'" Ian said, repeating Nikki's words. "I'm a sniper, the embodiment of strong and silent."

"Hard to be quieter than Cho," Rigsby pointed out.

"No hard feelings, man," Colby said, and Ian had no idea why the FBI members were chuckling, that is, those who weren't simply laughing.

Suddenly Charlie looked around, worried, "Where did Amita go? We were supposed to go back and test a theorem."

Why do I get the feeling that that isn't slang, Rigsby thought. "Van Pelt just left with her - they're going shopping."

"Oh," Charlie said, voice full of hope.

"Van Pelt in a skimpy sari and Amita in a short skirt," Liz said. "It's a wonder any of your brains worked."

"I'm spoken for," Patrick Jane said.

"True," Rigsby said, "but you're not dead."
the end
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