rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

  • Mood: by following the rules, I'm doing it wrong??

Hopefully someone wiser than me will be able to figure this out, because I've had no luck, and the other person involved*, isn't willing to explain it to me.

The rules of the lj comm say to use a full and complete header, so that's what I normally do - copied either from the Rules page of the comm, or copied from the header of another member's fic post (with the relevant info changed).

Now, unless this is wrong because I don't specifically say in the Disclaimer that Numb3rs belongs to Hueton** and Fallacci (and if I can't spell it correctly, isn't that more disrespectful than saying "Numb3rs is not mine; it belongs to the folks at CBS and others who are better than me" essentially?)

So...what am I doing wrong?
is it that I'm failing to cite where I'm copying the header info from? is it that I'm copying the wrong header/page ?

all I know is I need a hugand an ice cream. *hugs*

** = I can pronounce it easy - it's got the same umlauh-sound as my great-aunt's maiden name - its the spelling I have trouble with.

* = (remember the recent conversation that was kicked off by someone's comment to my comparison of Robin and Amita? this is the same someone)
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