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spoilers for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen...

* at the University, I can't help but suspect that that guy's nickname among the students is "Professor Inuendo." or "Professor Unsubtle."

* can't help but wonder if the "President Obama" was an attempt to say why yes, this takes place in the modern day...or if it's just Bay's attempt to paint Obama as a - what was the phrase? - "a cheese-eating surrender monkey."

* it is a good question - if the Decepticons are supposed to be defeated and on their last legs, why are the Autobots sending for reinforcements?

* now I know that Rhodimus Prime's girlfriend was a woman-shaped robot (transforms into a motorcycle, right?)...but that's just wrong!
(for one thing, think about it...we already knew that all Transformers can imitate all machines - now what's to stop them from imitating Sam or any members of any military on Earth?)

* Soundwave! interesting. wonder how long he'll be unnoticed.

* Megatron's a lackey? "WTF?!?" is insufficient.

* I remember when Prowl was a well-behaved puppy. not some punk rocker of a tiger.
(is that Bay's way of saying "oh look, we can CGI sharp angles?)

* that's the Insectacons? nothing more than transforming marbles? gah.

* what was that Decepticon on the bridge? it looked like it transforms into a barrel. o.O

* when Simmons showed those pictures of the Victorian Transformers, did anyone else think of the "steampunk transformers" whose pictures were online for the past few months?

* oooh, the Smithsonian! looks like my thoughts of a Transformers/Night at the Museum crossover are looking more and more plausible.

* when is a Decepticon not a Decepticon?

"is the Civil War still raging?"
good question.

* okay, I can see how Sam and the others were transported - but Bumblebee and the Twins (BURN IN SMELTING POTS!) weren't in proximity.

* Constructacons! Transforming into Devastator! (and this answers the question of "when Transformers combine, which one calls the shots?")

* if the Device makes energon by killing a sun, why did Megatron do an impression of Frankenstein's Monster?

* history!fail, structure!fail, evidence!fail....we've scanned that whole frickin' structure with every device known to man - and walked through the bloody thing.

* and Optimus Prime shucks off everything that the noble one gave him - well, not the energy or life....making me think of Prime as an ungrateful bastard.

* "Our shared history..." -Optimus Prime.
(uh, what shared history? the film suggested that the "sharing" was limited to was humans being slaughtered by rogue Primes)

...though hopefully this means that the Transformers didn't teach humans anything - our accomplishments are our own.....unlike the 20th Century, where all the inventions were based on Megatron. {reference: the first Transformers movie in 2007}

* though in the during-the-credits scene, I half expected Sam to pwn his professor in some manner.

* and no Dinobots in the entire thing.

* ps: how did they convince Dr Hawas to sign off on this? *sigh*

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