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plot bunny: Burn Notice/Nero Wolfe

Inspector Cramer is retired and trying to enjoy the Florida sun, when something happens that forces him to call for help.
(though the last few lines might end up in another fic - or in nothing at all)

and if anyone wants to use any of this, feel free to.
(I ask only that I get to read the story when its done)

"Why me?" Michael asked.
"Because," Detective Paxson said. "Because he's family," even if not by blood. "Because I know you're like me: you don't let something drop until its done and fixed."
"And because if I do this, you'll stop pursuing me?"
"That would be a bribe, Mr Westen," Paxson said.
"I was thinking more of an exchange," Michael said, each of them understanding that the last two sentences were just tests, part of the continual push by each against the other.
"You're too much like your granddad for my taste," Cramer said.
Detective Paxson smiled. "Thank you, Inspector."
"So," Michael said once the job was done, "I take it this is goodbye?"
"Cheese and nuts, Mr Weston, why would you think that?" Paxson said.
"Well for one thing, you're still calling me Mr Weston. And for another, I don't know your first name." Which was odd, given how Sam had been able to find out everything else about her. If Sam knows, why didn't he tell us?
"Fiona Paxson?"
She nodded.
That answers that question.
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