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Dexter ficlet: "Final Offer" (Dexter, Lundy)

Title: Final Offer
Characters: Dexter, Lundy.
Rating: Mature.
coda to "The Dark Defender".
I haven't seen any eps (yet) after that.
Summary: Lundy confronts Dexter and gives him a choice.

"You wanted to see me?" Dexter asked.

"That's right," Lundy said. "Come in. Door shut," that last part added as an afterthought once Dexter was in the room Lundy had taken for his. "Have a seat."

Once Dexter was sitting down, Lundy turned on a little portable television, the sort people take on camping trips. "What am I looking at?" Dexter asked, pretending to be confused by the black-and-white video of him getting off Harry's boat and walking down the wooden boards of the dock.

"It's not grainy enough for that sort of question."

Once the video had come to an end, as it did shortly enough, "So now what?" Dexter asked, thinking that this was the End that he'd been trying to avoid lately.

"Now I can offer you a new job. A promotion, if you prefer."

Dexter's eyes stopped in their scanning of the desk and surroundings for any suitably lethal implements - stopped and looked at Lundy. "I don't understand," though he had a feeling he did. Anyone else would have called it a creeping feeling, but Dexter avoided words like those.

"I used to be like you, Dexter. Granted I wasn't quite as accomplished - fewer bodies under my belt, if I mix reality with metaphors. But I was brought in, and now I'm bringing you in."

"In to what?"

"Into an organization - a very small one, but we're that way by neccessity, both because we're naturally rare... And because we specifically go after people just like you've been targetting. The bad guys, as I described the eighteen deceased to your sister a while back."

Dexter thought of how Deb had joked about how Lundy was anal at times about his own punctuality and obedience to a schedule...and saw them now as strategies to focus the Dark Passenger. "And if I refuse?"

"That's up to you," Lundy said still relaxed. "The Bay Harbor Butcher might flee the city and start somewhere else, or -"

Dexter thought of the man he himself had very nearly killed less than a week ago...the man he had so badly wanted dead, one of his mother's murderers.

"Or," Lundy was saying, "we corner the Bay Harbor Butcher in a firefight from whichhe doesn't survive. Or we just don't catch him - now granted that'll mess with my success rate, but you can stay here and keep doing blood spatter forensics no matter what you decide."

"Can I think this over?" Dexter asked.

Lundy nodded. "It's a big decision. Take a week, and if you need more time, check with me first."

Dexter nodded.

"You can go now."
the end
Tags: dexter, dexter fanfiction, drabble, ficlet
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