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Title: And the Numb3r of the Mousetrap is 666/Wormwood.

Rating: PG-17
WARNING: very surreal, I’m told.
Words: 327
Prompts: none.
Characters: Team, Charlie, baddies.
Spoilers: None specifically. Vaguely vague-ish mentions or references to one of Charlie’s pet projects in potential he mentions at times in s4.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. Far far better people than me, they do own these characters. I am borrowing the characters, and I make no money in writing this.

Every crime has a scene, a meeting place of location and of time – Where and When. Add one more intersecting line: the What of evidence, of trace leavings and of telltale cues and clues.

Don, Liz, Colby, Nikki and the others, they were trained to study scenes, to look at each line – Who Where, What – and draw from that the answer to Who committed the crime so they and the police may hunt down the wrongdoing rat.

But, given time, the rats may learn the nature of the traps and their tails and out to get them. Some rats learn to think like law enforcement; others reduce their profiles, their apparent size – mice; and yet others attempt to hid their crimes in the white noise of reality.

Enter Charles Eppes as one further weapon on Don’s side. Mastery of mathematics gives him a tool to make out the images in the noise. In time, Amita and Larry join as well.

But each gain – on each side, for all – is by definition transient as each side adjusts and works to out-manuver the others. Don’s greatest advantage is that his enemies do not share information – at least, they don’t outside the jailyards.

But some arms races are easier to win than others. With nuclear weapons, it is restricted by the strength of the mode of delivery. With cheetahs and gazelles, it depends on the limits of lungs and legs and how complete the damage if the animal trips.

And therein lies the fruit of the problem: when your Great Equalizer is math, how can you achieve anything more than parity?

Thus, that may be the reason why, from time to time, Charlie speaks of – an equation, a formulae, or…or something greater still, something as yet unknown – by which means, criminals may be caught before they commit their crime.

And none of them, not even the minorities or the descendents of minorities in the FBI, see a problem with this.

the end
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