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Burn Notice thoughts

question - how many times has Michael (in voice-overs and otherwise) told us how you need to know you can depend on the people you're working with, because its those people who are the greatest liability in anything you do.

and if Sean Glenanne doesn't fit the definition of "loose cannon," I'm not sure what would.

Part of me wonders if Michael's "new best friend" (the 'agent to the agents') set up the whole thing with O'Neill just to force Michael to chose - and in chosing, end up even less able to get back in the Company.

hm, wonder if Michael could get a job for The Laundry (wait, no, the Black Cauldron was the US version, right?)

hey, it's Dresden!

Dresden with an Irish accent. I have now seen everything.

At first, when Diego called, sounding panicked, and Michael hung up to get over there ASAP, I said "And end the episode right here."

...because seriously, that would be a pretty good high-tension place to leave off, right? There's be online debates over whether Diego was being honest or leading Michael into a trap, over just what the New Danger is, etc.

Though I should admit that Dead Diego (and "Wait, What?"Michael) is interesting tension-wise too. (though the narration that Michael does in the voice-over there, that could have applied to when he was trying to figure out Carla's organization, or in the wake of telling off Management, or...)
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