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Numb3rs drabble: dedicated to our Mod

Author's notes: the brilliant Mod of Numb3rs100 gave me the idea that sparked this fic. Thank you; this is dedicated to you, if you want it.

Title: "He didn't say 'can I show you my blackboard', did he?"
Author: Keenir
Characters: Nikki, Ian, Charlie, Don, and...that would spoil the shock. nothing untoward, I assure you.
Pairing: Nikki/Canon character.
Spoilers: um, nothing I can recall offhand; maybe Frenemies.
Universe: a close neighbor of what we see onscreen - maybe a month after the finale we saw with the proposal and the joke regarding Colby.

Don walked up on Ian and Charlie standing in the corridor outside of his brother's on-campus office, hearing them say -

- "Sad," Edgerton said.

- "And more than a little scary," Charlie agreed.

Based on just this alone, Don knew there was trouble -- nothing else could get his brother and Edgerton to be of one mind about anything. "What happened?" And someone was missing. "Where's Nikki?"

Both of them shuddered. "She and Marshall got to talking," Charlie said. "And..." unable to bring himself to say anything further. Didn't I look like that when Amita first agreed to go out with me for afternoon coffee?

"She offered to help him get something out of his lab that could help us in this case," Ian said. And the way she was smiling with him...

"Huh," was all Don said.

The End.

Tags: drabble, nikki, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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