rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

"In the future..." (Supernatural/Primeval)

dedicated to: entangled_now
author: Keenir
Title: In the future...

rating: pg-13/mature
crossover: Primeval/Supernatural
summary: in truth, Helen did as she was told - she just misread the situation.
Helen Cutter was in church, kneeling before the candles, whispering a prayer as she carried a flame to an unlit candle.

"Hello, Helen," she was told. The voice sounded thin, patient and a wee bit tired, and definately male. And his voice was oddly accentless.

To her credit, Helen didn't stand up or turn around until after her candle was lit. "Avartiel?" she asked, though she didn't recognize him.

"Castiel," he corrected. He didn't introduce Uriel in the background. "I bring a message."

Helen thought, but did not say, that that was the entire point - 'angel' was just another word for 'messenger,' after all. "A message?"

"A prophecy." One recounted to myself by one of the Norns.

"I wouldn't object to knowing what's going to happen," Helen said.

Uriel looked over at her, however briefly, and it took all her will for Helen to not take a step back.

Castiel didn't nod, barely even acknowledged her statement. "It comes in two parts - first, you will take as a lover a younger man. Also, you will voyage through the ages through shattered whispers. When both of these have come to pass, you will be instrumental in saving the world."

I don't have to give birth to God, do I? Helen wondered. "Anything else?" Helen asked.

"No," Castiel said, and looked at the rows of candles.

Helen turned to see what had caught his attention, and saw nothing out of the ordinary there; turning back, she saw that both angels were gone.

She shrugged. It wouldn't be until she was in the Forest of Dean, and standing alongside an Anomaly, heard its silky hush, that Helen would understand that part.

But she had misunderstood Castiel on the first part - she had thought he meant the younger man would happen before the whispers...when the angel had simply done what he thought would only separate the two fortunes.

A few months later, Helen happened to see who had joined her class midway through the semester - the one who her female students called 'Stephen hunka hunka Hart,' and thought Well, at least the prophecy's not bad-looking...

...never knowing until years later (following many deaths, some human), that Castiel (and the Norn) had meant Dean Winchester.
The End

note: Avartiel, according to my copy of "A dictionary of Angels: including the fallen angels", is the name found on "an oriental charm" {so says the book}...his duty is to ward away evil.
Tags: crossover, drabble, helen, helen cutter, primeval, primeval fanfiction
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