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Meme: if canon characters are little known...

I was going through old disks, and I found's from back when Babylon Five was still being aired (pre-syndication)

With canon characters is it easier\harder to write them true if very little is canonly known for them?

I'd have to say it's both -
* it's easier to make up stuff about them. (with B5, that's why it was so easy to believe the Na'ka'leen Feeder was a Vorlon - because nobody knew what Vorlons were)
...yet at the same time...
* I'm assuming that, by "true", she's asking how do you keep a canon character from slipping into OC-ness....this is tougher than when a lot is known of the character.
(example - compare Nick Cutter with Caroline Steel, or Megan Reeves with Val Eng, or Dani Reese with her parents, or Michael Weston with Detective Paxton)

so, one solution I've found, and this might defeat the purpose, is to not give details. to simply have the character interacting and holding conversations based on the canon info & the character's voice...but not to committ to too much.

did that make sense? it barely did to me, so don't worry.
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