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Castle fic: "The high price of being Patsy Tamour" 4/4

Title: The high crime of being Patsy Tamour (part three)
Author: Keenir.
Characters: Alexis Castle, Kate Beckett, Richard Castle, Owen,
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There's more than one way to skin an egg...or a novelist.

Disclaimer: If there is a real Patsy Tamour, I apologize. At the time of writing this, all characters within are fictional, and no resemblance with real people, institutions is intended.
Disclaimer: I do not own Castle, the characters, or the products from them.
Spoilers: series 1 finale, episodes 2.01-2.03
Author's Notes:

When Beckett, Ryan, Esposito, and Castle entered the main room of the theater, they found themselves facing a crowd.

"Surprise!" the crowd shouted once the cops and writer had registered their presence.

"Oh yeah," Esposito muttered. "Big one," as the crowd parted like the Red Sea.

"Is that a...?" Castle asked, looking at what sat on a table at the other end of the human corridor.

"It's a cake," Beckett said.

Ryan ventured ahead first, the others covering his back. When he reached it, he read the cake: "One Year."

Esposito, Beckett, and Castle came over to it.

"One year ago today," Alexis said, emerging from one human wall just before the crowd relaxed and resumed drifting throughout the room, "you had your first case together."
And then Alexis did something that surprised them: she held her hands out in front of herself, fingers pointed down, wrists an inch apart. "I'm ready."

"You didn't kill anyone," Castle told his daughter.

"True," Alexis said, but she didn't lower her wrists.

"You didn't assault, rape, maim, or do any breaking-and-entering, or blackmail."

"A little blackmail," Beckett said under her breath to him.

Alexis nodded. "I did that, and I wasted police time. I faked a scene you were expecting to find evidence, I hired a man to imitate a murder scene, I -"

"Enough," Beckett said, one hand half-up, palm facing Alexis. "We'll ask a judge what he thinks."

She nodded. "Fair enough. Just...not any of the judges who know my dad - or any of the ones who owe him a favor."

Castle did his best to look innocent at that one, Beckett noted out the corner of one eye.

Alexis then said, "Ooh, she's here! I'll be right back - you'll want to meet her," and ducked into the crowd.

"Oh good, you're here," Castle's mother said to them. "Alexis said she was going to get you, but I never saw her leave."

"No," Castle said, "you told us -"


"Just before we got here - we're here because you called me at work."

"What are you talking about?" Martha asked her son. "I didn't call you."


"You didn't?" Beckett asked.

"No, of course not," Martha said. "I was here, helping Alexis set up for the party. Well, I was in charge when she step out down the hall for a few minutes. Why?"

"No reason." Aside from the additional nail in my daughter's coffin, Castle thought to himself.

That was when Alexis returned, a yound lady in tow. Alexis said, "I'd like to introduce the five of you to the real Pat Tamour."

"Now you're saying you didn't write those stories?" Castle asked his daughter.

"I wrote them. But she gave me permission to use her name."

"Patricia Tamour," the true Tamour introduced herself, shaking hands with -

"Kate Beckett."

"Kevin Ryan."

"Richard Castle."

"Javier Esposito."

Pat nodded. "Can I buy you a coffee? I don't like crowds."

"S- yeah, why not?" Esposito said. "Lead on."

Once those two were gone, Ryan went to inspect the buffet, and Castle got distracted - Probably by something shiny, Kate figured. Leaning a little towards Alexa, "You can't stop meddling, can you?" Beckett asked, a little amused and a teeny bit frightened.

"Getting involved," Alexis politely corrected her. "And have you seen my father?"

The End
Tags: castle fanfiction
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