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Lie To Me fic: "Falseness serves as prelude"

Title: "Falseness serves as prelude"
Author: Keenir
Summary: Gillian, observing Ria and Cal, is emboldened to make her move.

Written for: Featherjean.
Characters: Cal Lightman, Ria Torres, Gillian Foster.
Rating: PG, but a Mature PG. (okay, pg13)
Warnings, of any:
Author's Notes: I thank featherjean for the plot bunny (conversation) which spawned this.

Gillian watches them - she's got their back just as surely as they've always had hers.

Watches as Cal and Ria rub noses and act all lovey-dovey in public.

Act being the right word, Gillian reminds herself, using that reminder to deflate anything in her thoughts that might threaten to grow up to be a pang of jealousy. She knows that her colleagues are thoroughly professional to the core, and that their role-playing is purely to achieve an this instance, to lull someone into lowering their guard, to see just how badly they had lied to the woman who'd hired the Lightman Group. And this was a very good liar, even Cal had said so, and Gillian had known so; this wouldn't be an easy-to-close case.

Even as Gillian knows in her heart that Ria would never make a move on Lightman, and vice versa, Gillian knows in her mind that she can't count on noone making a move on Lightman - Cloe tried to come back, Gillian knows, and knows Cal wouldn't say how it turned out, keeping his face a mask on the subject.

Gillian strides over and, after exchanging formalities and keeping her face appropriate for the context, invites Ria and Cal to drinks this evening with her fiance (nonexistant); the offer is accepted - and, furthermore, seeing this relaxed act, their liar lowers his guard yet more, potentially saving Cal hours or even days of keeping in character.

Gillian smiles as she walks off, having excused herself from the scene.
the end

Tags: fanfiction, lie to me, lie to me fanfiction
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