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Fic Rec: "The best of all possible worlds"

Recommendation: The Best Of All Possible Worlds by Gehayi.

I hadn't even gotten a third of the way through this, and I understood what reviewers mean when they say "you won't be able to stop reading this until you're done."
Castle, eat your heart out ;)

Premise: In return for his hospitality during Things that go bump, Ancient Mai grants Dresden's wish that Bob go free...and Harry has to live with what that means.

Figures of importance: Harry Morningway, Ancient Mai, Hrothbert of Bainbridge, Winnifred (alive), Murphy and Marcone.

Request: If anyone talks to Gehayi, please let him or her know that I love this story a great deal, and that I agree how Bob kept Harry from screwing up worse.

...and how very much I loved Mai saying "Dresden. Let's get this over with."

Note: I'd had a dream today, where I was looking through an archive of Dresden Files fanfiction, and I found one that had 16 or 18 chapters....the title had something along the lines of "spider warriors" in it (though it was more words), so when I woke up, I googled what I could remember...

And I found The Best Of All Possible Worlds. And I'm glad I did.

some of my favorite lines thus far:
"Moreover," he continued, "I do not understand why you are here. Yes, you did say that there would be no execution. A merry jest, and goodly." He opened his pale green eyes at last, and stared in Mai's direction as if his sight could pierce the gloom of his cell. "But that does not explain why you are here, or why the Council did not trust a lesser messenger."

"You have a habit of slaying lesser messengers," Mai retorted. "Is that not reason enough to send me?"

"Oh, indeed," drawled Hrothbert. "So tell me, Mai—are you here to intimidate me, or because one of your fellows counts you as expendable?"

A sudden silence. Hrothbert thought it might even be a startled silence. Then--

I had to get whatever it was back. And I didn't even know what was missing.

And since that wasn't tough enough on its own, I also needed to find out why the couple at Le Colonial had been murdered, as well as who had summoned the demon who killed them; discover what hideous plan was being served by these deaths and the presence of the demon; stop the demon and its master; find my way back to my own world; and do all this without being arrested by the cops, executed by wizards who had every reason to hate me, or murdered by the demon's master for my interference. And I had days-—at best, a couple of weeks-—to succeed at all this. If I was lucky.

So, y'know. No pressure.
If I hadn't been busy painting runes, I would have facepalmed. "Son of a bitch. You're me. Me, in this world." A pause. "Uh, I can explain..."
Ultimately, Logan had blundered onto my ad in the Yellow Pages. For a minute, I was puzzled. Why was I still working as a magical detective now that I was rich and powerful?
It took every ounce of effort not to deck him. Instead I favored him with a poisonously sweet smile. "Gee, I don't know. Do you habitually insult wizards who could turn you into barbecue?"
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