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"Transition" (Numb3rs AU: Eastern)

Title: Transition
Author: Keenir
Fandom/Claim: Numb3rs, Amita.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Eastern
Summary: Don finds out who his new boss is.
Author's Note: :D

Many historians say the Japanese Empire was lenient on the defeated United States. Others have wondered why Japan chose not to annex any portions of the Americas.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Don Eppes asked in his best Japanese, bowing appropriately as he entered the Ambassador's Office.

While serving as the ambassador from the Empire of Japan, he also functioned as the head of the Californian Government - while still part of the US, all state decisions had to pass through the Ambassador's office. The document which stated that, also placed the actions of FBI agents under the Ambassador's sight. "I did, Agent Eppes," he said in English. "Your files made you the ideal choice."

"Sir?" Don asked, glad and grateful for the switch to his native tongue. I'm dating a Chinese-American, and I'm not about to give her up. "I'm afraid I don't understand."

"Your record, Agent Eppes, speaks for itself. You are familiar with the Treaty of Guam?"

"Most of it," Don said. "I'm not a history major, but I've read it."

"In the Treaty," the Ambassador said, "my Emperor stated how long we will stay in your country. As that time is coming to a close, and instability is in neither Empire's interest, we are beginning our transitioning now."

"Transitioning?" Don asked. "You're starting to pull out?"

"Yes. And in so doing, into the offices we are removing our people from, we are placing Americans we find suitable." They had the legal right to one person per division, leaving the rank and file to internal administration.

"Who still watch out for Imperial interests," Don asked, biting his tongue too late.

"Of course," the Ambassador said, noting that tone for later. "I expect you will make a good head of the Californian FBI once the transitioning stage is completed."


"As I have said, your record speaks for itself. Would you be any less thorough in pursuing corrupt American businessmen than you have been in your pursuit of corrupt Japanese businessmen?"

"No," Don said, then clarified himself: "Definately not."

"Then my decision is justified."

"Just one question."

"I would be disappointed if you had none."

"Who'm I replacing....however many years from now?" Who's my boss now?

"Amita Ramanujan," the Ambassador said. Her family does business with the post-Bose India. "If that s all," he said in Japanese.

"It is," Don said in Japanese, bowing deeply. "Thank you."
The End

Tags: au, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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