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I apologize

It has just been explained to me: I apologize for any offense I have given without intending to.

(I just wish someone had told be beforehand that it is not advisable to comment about fandom-practices)

In Numb3rs fandom, I'm not the only one who says that we are upset when Amita is dumbed down so Charlie looks brighter.

In Primeval fandom, I'm not the only one who expresses disappointment that s3 Helen lost her intelligence and became a mustache-twirling villain (and disappointment that, in many fics, Helen is The Evil One)

Yet when I praise White Collar and hope that that sort of OOC writing doesn't afflict the White Collar fandom...there's an uproar.

If I have misrepresented myself, let me know. Because I am confused here by the discrepancy.
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