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Numb3rs drabble: "On the night of three dates"

Title: On The Night Of Three Dates.
Pairings/Characters: Nikki/Ian, Alice/Colby, David/Rachel Osaki.
Rating: PG
Summary: Only Nikki can bring an end to the endless arguments that began on The Night Of Three Dates.
Word Count: 261
Spoilers: Under Pressure
Disclaimer: I own none of the Numb3rs characters or locations.
Notes: one way the ending of that episode could have gone horribly wrong.
note: makes mention of a (trope?) over on Ian_Nikki

"This is well past rich," Osaki said. "A sniper is impugning chemical warfare?"

"It's not effective," Edgerton said. "Too many ways to screw up."

"At least I'm not in as much danger from blowing myself up."

"Whose idea was this again?" Colby asked quietly.

"I seem to recall you didn't have any objections, Granger," Nikki replied. The argument had started when they had compared the professions of each date - not even Colby and Alice offering to foot the bill, had stemmed the tide of heated debate.

Colby shrugged and patted Alice's hand. "That's because I figured whether I won or lost, I could enjoy a quiet dinner with the love of my life."

Nikki turned away so him and Alice wouldn't see her rolling her eyes at the sweetness.

By now, Ian was saying, "A well-trained sniper kills instantly. You can't claim that."

"For one because I don't develop or deliver chemical weapons," Rachel said. "For two, I can claim that because I know compounds that are just as fast-acting as a bullet."

If this were a movie, Colby mused, right about here would be where those two leap at one another and start kissing like mad, at which point Colby suspected he'd seen too many of that sort of movie in the past few years.

"Ian," Nikki said, pulling him aside. She whispered in his ear, "Behave, or I'll take away your tie," and let go.

"I'm sorry," Edgerton said to Dr Osaki. "You're right, you've got a much better job than I do."

Don't go overboard, Nikki thought.
The End
Tags: drabble, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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