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SPN & V ficlet: "Three questions"

title: Three questions.
author: Keenir
crossover: Supernatural / V

Summary: Our favorite FBI agent gets an angelic visitor, questions answered about the Vs, and gets the business card of a certain hunter.
note: not sure why I thought I heard someone call her "El" in the pilot.

"El. An appropriate nomen."

Elisabeth {of the FBI} turned around and saw that someone was standing in the middle of the room. "How did you get in here and who are you?" she asked.

"I just got here, and I am Chayyliel, an angel of the Lord."

"Right and I'm -"

"I came here to assist you. Though if you would prefer I leave you to fight the Visitors without any new information, so be it."

"Wait!" Elisabeth said. "You're serious? You can provide information about the Vs?"

"I may not be Setukh, but I am knowledged of all the thinking and unthinking animals within Creation." Chayyliel smiled. "What I propose is this: I shall answer the three questions perched on the tip of your lips. If any of my questions are not what you would have asked, you may ask a question to replace it."

"What's the catch?"

"Clever," he praised her. "All but one of my answers shall be truthful."

"And I have to figure out which one on my own." Since there was no nod or any other response from the alleged angel, Elisabeth said, "Go ahead."

"Very well," Chayyliel said. "When the Visitor Anna said that the Earth is a great gift, what did she mean? She spoke literally - your world was handed to her people." There are those who feel that the Apocalypse can be diverted if the world is no longer in the hands of humans.

"Next?" Elisabeth said, trying not to clue him in as to whether that had been one of the things she had wondered.

"Can the Visitors be collectively defeated? Not by humans, they can't." Not surprising, really. Many things are invulnerable en masse against more fragile things.

While she had her suspicions about that one, Elisabeth let him go for the third, and said nothing.

"Were the Visitors honest about their need for water and the mineral? No - they have no need for minerals." Their need for water outmatches that of any human, but their dual request was false.

"Thanks," Elisabeth said. "Now how do I know you're an angel? You could be a V trying to trick me."

"A possibility which would be plausible if I were not Chayyliel," he said.

"So prove it," she dared him.

A wry smile crossed his vessel's face. Plucking a card from the nothingness of the air, he handed it to her. "This man, he knows of my brethren," Chayyliel said. "He will vouch as to my reality."

The card said Dean Winchester and provided a phone number under the name.

"How do I know you're not Dean Winchester trying to blow smoke up my ass?" Elisabeth questioned.

"From what I have heard of him, he would find better uses for your ass," and Chayyliel vanished in a swift flap.

Elisabeth, eyes wide, looked at the card, and mentally went over the answers given - wondering if the false answer was as obvious as it seemed.

The End?
Tags: crossover, fanfiction, supernatural fanfiction, v fanfiction
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