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Dresden Files crackfic/songfic

Author's note: I'd better write this down so my Harry and Mai muses stop giggling like madmen. Also writing this so I know I haven't lost the ability to write TDF fics.

Title: Untitled Song!Crack!Fic.
Category: Songfic, crackfic

promise: soon, Cyloran, soon.

Summary: Harry/Mai, for better or for worse, against all reasonable advice.
song: (The Night Before) by the Beatles.

warning: yes, the scenes themselves were made through cut-and-paste of the episodes; the lines are not. (with the exception of "who said I need a reason?")
spoilers: Bad Blood, Things that go Bump, Storm Front,

We said our goodbyes, oh, the night before

Dresden rolls over in bed, the scene blurring to refocus on Mai walking out of Harry's home.

Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before

Multiple memories in Harry's mind - the inhuman eyes, the clever smile, the cute nose.

Now today I find,

Mai, lying in Harry's bed alone.

You would change your mind

There is a large sword at Harry's throat, and that isn't a metaphor.

Treat me like you did the night before

Ancient Mai hands Harry large manacles identical to those he used to cuff the rogue vampire, and Mai says, "I'll know," in that way of hers.

Were you telling lies, oh, the night before?

Harry wakes up, finding he's still handcuffed to his bed.

Was I so unwise, ah, the night before?

Harry winces as he's reaching for his toes. "Okay, definately need to keep trim if I'm going to do that again."

When I held you near,

Harry and Mai standing alongside one another without bloodshed or loss of clothing, something so astonishing that Bob asked if someone was photoshopping reality.

You were so sincere

This time over a dinner of ribs, Mai didn't say 'now tell me why I should care' - though she was becoming impatient for Dresden to shut up and propose already.

Treat me like you did the night before

Mai slaps the seated Harry, who's trying to remember whose idea this foreplay was.

Last night is a night I will remember,

He remembers Ancient Mai with her hair all down, bodily draped over his indoor railing.

When I think of things we did,

More draping hair accompanied by that sultry calm voice of hers. Dragon, siren, who cares?

It makes me want to cry!

Harry stumbles through part of the furniture and collapses on the floor.

We said our goodbyes, oh, the night before.

Ancient Mai walks out of the Dresden residence, Wardens ready to defend her if need be. Not a word was spoken.

Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before

Harry leans over his desk, the fond memory of tussle-haired Mai a floating image like a pale, superimposed scene.

Now today I find,

Dresden's following Det. Murphy in the park to a crime scene.

You will change your mind

And Mai strides into Dresden's place with all the confidence of someone you'd swear owned the place.

Treat me like you did the night before

Bob started to walk in on them, but Dresden hissed "Bob!" so the ghost retreated back through the wall, unsure if he would ever be able to unsear that image from his retinas.

When I held you near,

More suspicious-looking togetherness, with Harry's place so dark it could almost be a warehouse.

You were so sincere

Mai's eyes change color, and Harry hopes its for the same reason his pulse is pounding.

Treat me like you did the night before

Harry rolls over in the morning, and there's a Mai-sized depression in the mattress, but no Mai.

Last night is a night I will remember,

Ancient Mai gives one of her almost-a-smile, the sort of thing that scares even Morgan, not that he'd admit it to Dresden, who's starting to find those smiles adorable.

When I think of things we did,

More fun with handcuffs.

It makes me want to cry

Ancient Mai collapses bonelessly against her Wardens.

Were you telling lies, oh, the night before?

Uncomfortably bracketted by Wardens, Harry assures Mai that, him and Connie, its just friendship now, nothing more.

Was I so unwise, ah, the night before?

Spinning his finger over a map, Dresden steals a long kiss from Det. Murphy - and all the while, reciting in his head, "I'm just borrowing energy, just borrowing energy."

When I held you near, you were so sincere

Mai and Harry enjoying a midday meal together at a fancy restaurant. Harry, though, is afraid to ask "who do we have to kill to get our glasses refilled? what happened to all the waiters?" and trying not to look at the platter of ribs.

Treat me like you did the night before

Mai's standing over Harry, her saying "I didn't know I needed a reason," in a tone that's serious and playful.

Oh like the night before.

With a flick of her head, Mai smooths her face, standing beside Harry, though the shadows on them suggests two different lighting sources.
The End

Tags: ancient mai, crack!fic, harry dresden, het, humor, ship, the dresden files, the dresden files fanfiction
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