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SG:Universe fic: "In Dreams"

Title: In Dreams.
Author: Rodlox.
Fandom: Stargate:Universe
series: "The Unfolding"
(there is no definate point that this takes place - maybe all at once, maybe spread out)
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: Scott, Young, Eli, Greer; mention of Nicholas Rush/Vanessa James.
Summary: How Rush and James' relationship is seen through the not(?)-unfiltered lens of their crewmates' dreams.

Everything was running smoothly. Hell, Destiny was practically purring now. Hell, Rush wasn't pissing anyone off anymore: the man was downright polite these days.
And, Young thought to himself, my 2nd Lt's smiling more often.

It was almost - almost tempting to ask Rush for relationship advice. Get ready for our next stone-trip to Earth.

Everett leaned back in his chair, soaking up the peace and quiet and certain order that had established itself on his ship.


"Hey guys," Eli said, walking into the room, trying to focus on his work, on turning a subset of a Destiny subsystem. Trying not to notice too much how Dr Rush and Lt James were sprawled across opposing walls, having eyesex. "Anything new?" just before he walked in between them in an effort to get to the other console.

Their eyes narrowed and they jerked their heads, which sent Eli flying back-first into another wall. I really have to remember to crawl under their gazes.

When he woke up, Eli would make a mental note to stop asking people about goa'uld weapons before bedtime.


"Doctor Rush gives Vanessa gifts," Cloe would say. "Why don't you give me anything?" Or she'd say, "Why do we have to be a secret? Vanessa and Nicholas don't hide how they feel about each other from anyone."

...which reminded Scott of another dream - nightmare really - where he'd entered Destiny's bridge, only to be confronted with Rush taking James, hot and heavy, on one of the larger consoles. Scott fled at that point, wanting to wake up.


Everything was kosher. Fine. Better than before.

Like dad always said, when your friends are doing great, you're doing great.

Vanessa was smiling more, and so was Rush - that the man was getting less incomprehensible was a good thing, Greer felt.

As he resumed chopping an ox-sized lump of some chemical they'd just collected for Destiny, Greer thought to himself, Yep, all's right with the world.

The End
Tags: series, star, stargate, stargate universe, stargate universe fanfiction, vanessa james
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