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SPN: "A pregnant offer"

Title: A Pregnant Offer.
Author: Keenir.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Rating: PG13
Warning: Anna is pregnant & Lucifer is polite.
Characters/Pairing: Anna, Lucifer; mention of Sam, Dean, Castiel, God, Michael.
Summary: Lucifer appears to Anna, offering her a choice - she responds with a choice for him.
note: this plot bunny has been gestating in my mind for a week or two now.

Anna, once Anna Milton, stood on a chunk of glacier drifting aimlessly in the Bering Strait, wondering what to do now. Not just because the End Of The Universe was potentially at hand, though that was important too; but because she was still outside.

Like Castiel, Anna was not part of the Heavenly Host any longer. Despite this, she let her wings flow out and flex.

Though her reflexes had been a touch slower than before tearing out her grace, the speed of those reflexes was back to normal speed - not thanks to the abundant exercise Anna had been doing lately (demon-killing, evil-smashing, demi-god reprimanding, etc), but in large part thanks to her current state: gravid.


With child.

A bun in the oven.

Aside from Castiel, Rafael was the only angel who had crossed paths with Anna since she had regained her grace -- and Rafael's response upon seeing her was to go wide-eyed and zap away like a bat out of...well, the figure of speech was apt.

Only when she had retracted her wings back into herself was she told, "You keep your figure well," said a voice that Anna didn't recognize, though her senses told her that the speaker was far more powerful than even Rafael. "Went for a little fetal upgrading when you landed in that womb?"

Anna said nothing, but thought to herself, I don't know. If I ever could remember that part of my graceless fall, I must have locked it away. But she knew this powerful angel's question was entirely possible. As angels had never Fallen, their natures and compositions had never collapsed into poorly-designed anatomical layouts (a fact which had puzzled the eye doctor of young Anna Milton). There was no bulging belly or awkward walk,for starters. "Who are you?" she asked.

He smiled, as though pleased to need to introduce himself. "I am Lucifer."

"Why are you here?" Anna asked him, feeling intensely vulnerable on an instinctive level. Outside of their vessels, angels were pure weapons. Mobile weapons. Within their vessels, angels were agents, workers toward whatever goal they had been assigned.

In the old days, unswerving as a laser. And if I'm a candle, Anna thought to herself, Lucifer is CERN.

"I take the long view," Lucifer said. "Always had, with hurtful exceptions," whose name is Michael. "But you, you I never saw coming."

"I was crafted into existance after your Rebellion," Anna said. I was but part of the regiment God made, upping the defenses. "I'm an angel."

Lucifer scoffed.

"You find that amusing?" Anna asked.

"Angels require vessels. I, for example. You have no vessel, save that you are your vessel. I applaud your ingenuity."

"It wasn't deliberate."

"The greater things never are. Though it's moot now. You're why I'm here."

"I never released you," Anna spat at him.

"True, too true. And I understand why you couldn't. Fear stirs the heart of every angel."

"Even you?"

"I as well," Lucifer confirmed. "But you, you're something I'm unfamiliar with. Your core is as heavenly as mine, but in that amniotic fishbowl you wrapped yourself in folds of tissue and blood until you're a new thing under the sun...and believe me when I say that didn't used to be a good thing."

"I'm myself," Anna said.

"And nothing else, yes," Lucifer said. "The best of both worlds is how you live. Once upon a time, I would've been jealous, tried to do what you did. Not now."

"Why not?"

"Too long have these wounds been festering. I have to do what I set out to do when I was locked away."

"You can chose to not do -"

"All that? The apocalypse?" He smiled at her, fallen angel to woman angel. "And how has choice benefitted Castiel, whom we both know by now?"

"You are not Castiel."

"True, on several levels." Lucifer said, "Listen, at least, to what I offer."

"What are you offering?" Anna asked.

"Protection," said Lucifer.

She snorted.

"You know the prophecy, I trust? That I will bring fire upon the Earth with Sam Winchester as my vessel."

Anna nodded. "And Michael will defeat you. Again."

"So they say," Lucifer nodded. "Though there's always been an uncertainty as to whom his vessel will be."

"Dean Winchester," Anna knew.

"Or his son," Lucifer said. "Or did your luminescent commanders not inform you of this? That your child will be a superior vessel than your consort might prove to be."

Anna fixed him with a blazing stare that Lucifer didn't even need to shade his eyes in the presence of. "So your 'protection' will be, what, taking him as your own vessel?"

"I'm a traditionalist. Ask anyone, even my enemies, and they'll tell you that I avoid nephilim like the plagues - them and any other hybrid."

"Then why are you so eager to have him under your wing?"

There was no exact analogy where humans were concerned - answers involving domestic animals gave the wrong connotation, as did zoos and botanical gardens. "Because all others will be seeking your son's demise," Lucifer said. What grows within you, Lucifer thought to himself regarding Anna, could easily be the leader of all angels... possibly the new God. But he chose not to raise these points. Not yet. It would only worry her.

The End.
Tags: angel, fanfiction, supernatural, supernatural fanfiction
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