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Monk & Dollhouse crossover: "For Consideration"

Title: For Consideration.
Author: Keenir.
Fandom: Monk & Dollhouse
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: Adrian Monk, Adelle DeWitt, some Dolls.
Summary: Adrian Monk in the Dollhouse, thinking of being a client.

"A dozen?" Adrian Monk asked, standing in the doorway alongside Adelle DeWitt.

"As per the parameters you provided," Adelle said, these were the closest matches from more than a few Houses. "Feel free to take as long as you require to decide," she said, knowing from Monk's reputation (and discretely-placed inquiries) that this potential client wasn't the sort to feel up Dolls or ask for test runs.

Monk walked up to the first one, and didn't ask anything, didn't hold out his hand, didn't do anything but keep an observable minimum distance between himself and the Doll...and he walked down the row, looking at each face.

A step past the last one, and Monk turned around, repeating the process, one face at a time.

And then he was back at Adelle. Looking at my face, are you? feeling oddly flattered, though she knew she wouldn't have been such with anyone else.

"None of them," Monk said.

"You do realize, Mr. Monk," Adelle said, "that they would only be given the appropriate personality after your selection."

He looked at Adelle, his sorrowfilled eyes holding understanding. His chin moved ever-so-slightly: a minute nod.

"Very well. I'm sorry we couldn't help you," Adelle said as she walked him back up and out.

"It's okay," Monk said. "I can't help me either."
The End
Tags: crossover, dollhouse, dollhouse fanfiction, monk
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