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RTD's Daleks - a radical shift, or a return to the source?

Spoilers for comments relating to the episode Dalek (1st Doctor), Rememberance of the Daleks (7th Doctor), Parting of the Ways (I think; 9th Doctor), and Daleks in Manhattan (10th Doctor)

In "Rememberance of the Daleks," Ace and the Doctor remark that one group of Daleks (blobs) believes that the other group of Daleks to be...lacking in blobbiness.

So, with that in mind, how can the commercials and ads be right? How can the Daleks be trying to evolve? Why would they bother?

After all, don't they already view themselves as the supreme form of life? (even before the Emperor Dalek went mad)

The only excuse/explanation I can think of, hearkens back to episode Three of the 1st Doctor's travels with Susan, Ian, and Barbara -- the Daleks (or Khaleds) discovered that they require radiation to prosper...and in the process, tried to wipe out the Thals. Now, one might presume that the Daleks could possibly try evolving a form which doesn't require radiation in order to thrive...

...But if that's so, why take on a new form? Why reduce the Dalek tentacles into short devices that'll be the butt of WHO fandom's rude jokes in less than a day?

*is puzzled*

I'll post again after the episode tonight.
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