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Percy Jackson & the Olympians

I was going to see the movie anyway (part morbid curiosity, part because nothing else has been in the theater I want to see)

saw the The Last Olympian on the bookstore display shelf today, and gave it a look-over.

Three questions:

1. I understand the reasoning Hades gave for not helping more...but why didn't he say "There will always be death, and thus there will always be a need for a God of the Dead"? did he have a Titan predecessor, like Poseidon did?

2. Thinking about the "temple to the Unknown God" that Greek archeological sites tend to have (just in case they overlooked somebody) got me thinking - in this world where the Olympian Deities are supreme, what is the thinking about other deities? ie, Matar of Anatolia, Inti of Peru, Epona of Europe, and Sobek of Egypt.

3. This one's more hard would a Percy Jackson & the Olympians / Supernatural crossover be? I mean, given that there are different deities in charge.
(or is there an uneasy peace, and only high-level angels know about the Olympians?)

just wondering. thank you.
Tags: crossover, meta, movie
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