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for Amaresu: "In a moment" (supernatural fic)

For Amaresu

Title: In a moment.
Author: Keenir.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Rating: PG13
thematically related to A Pregnant Offer.
Summary: What happened in the barn when Anna regained her Grace, and the white light filled the room.
Characters/Pairing: Anna, OC angel; mention of Sam, Dean, Ruby, Uriel, Castiel, God, Michael.

Anna Milton broke the casing, her grace absorbing her mind back into a state of unity wich blasted the unguarded away.

And when the danger was gone, Anna noticed that the world and all in it - even Castiel and Uriel - did not move.

Hands clapped behind her. "Oh this was an occurrance to savor. A true rarity, Anna."

Anna turned around, and saw an olive-skinned Neandertal whose body was fingerpainted with pre-Enochian script. Whether she was seeing the most recent vessel, or simply a projected image, it could only be one being: "Ammittel?" Anna asked.

A nod and a bow, courtly and dignified. "My reputation in fact you know Me from, as you are too young to have encountered Me."

"You - you were banished to the abyss." Some said the abyss of space, others said the oceanic abyss.

"And I am still there. And I wanted to bask in what you now are."

"And what am I, o mighty and terrible exiled angel?"

Ever-patient, Ammittel answered, "Others were tasked with purifying water or keeping the wild beasts; I was master of assembling, lord of repair."

"And I'm an angel again."

"No," with a level of bluntness that would've outperformed Castiel's own. "Angels have neither lungs nor thumbs, our natural state's heartbeat is the pulsation of our body," and advanced one step towards Anna. "What did you think, Anna?" he asked, curious. "That, graceless, you grew a body that is merely a vessel?"

"Pretty much."



"You are distinct. Unique, which is a rarity in this universe. That is not a vessel - that is and always has been You."

"I can't flee," Anna realized.

"Correct," he said. "But You also have a body fully as durable as the vesselless state of angels."

"Well, thanks for the information," and waited for him to leave.

"In a hurry?"

"Yes," Anna said, wanting to get back to Dean and Castiel.

"This is a moment, a paused space. I'd thought You would close it." Taking a step back, "See You on Judgement Day. I'll put in a word on Your behalf."

And then the second passed, and She, Dean, Castiel, Uriel, Ruby, and Sam were the only ones in the barn.
The End
Tags: anna, doctor who fanfiction, supernatural fanfiction
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