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meme: fictional tv show

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

Gelbes Gilatier challenged me to make a show wherein there is A Star Wars series with real actors where Jedi are recurring characters at best.

I call it Shifting Sands.

Shifting Sands

It is ten years into the Imperial Era.

The Jedi are a fading memory now, with the Jedi survivors entering seclusion on one remote world or another.

On the world of An-Urbatu, a distant memory is being unearthed.

The sands of the galaxy are settled.

...for now. but how long until they shift once more?...

Dhar Hath - Harry Morgan
Viy Sallu - Debi Mazar
Dr. Paloa Ha - Mira Furlan
Rissa Ov Jade - Bridgette Bardot
voice of Bronzed Rays Circling - Nina Conti
Vair Ov Semat - Celeste Thorson
R Techne - Dylan Bruno

Main Characters:

Harry Morgan
Dhar Hath

"Order outta chaos, that's our job."

One of the Empire's eyes on this planet.

Dhar believes that the ruins being unearthed show the liberating side of the Sith - with their lack of mercy, they exterminated a repressive race from this world - and the findings thus be spread through the Empire. Because of this, he is at loggerheads with Viy Sallu.

Debi Mazar
Viy Sallu

"Our Empire heals the sick and feeds the hungry and keeps the peace. That is what it is for."

The other set of eyes for the Empire on this world, Sallu feels that the Empire has no obligation to share what is being unearthed here - work programs keep people busy and fed and healthy.

She has her share of ghosts in the closet, both from during the Clone Wars and in its wake, which some might cite as an apologetic for her view of the Empire and its policies.

Her assigned task is to find out what she can about the Xhaåth through their ambassador, and The Emperor himself has granted her carte blanch sanction to do whatever she opts for; for better or worse a pity she distrusts R Techne on sight.

Brigette Bardot
Rissa Ov Jade

A distant relative of Mara Jade, one of the Emperor's Hands, Rissa too wants to do her bit for the Empire, having been far too young to take part in the Clone Wars, and too fumble-fingered to be a soldier or bounty hunter. (but she's a closer relation to Mara Jade, than to Vair Ov Semat)

A whiz with scripts, even from extinct species, Rissa keeps to herself because she doesn't think she's pretty by anyone's definition of the term; thus socially inexperienced, she's not sure what to do when the half-alien R Techne arrives - continue the same as before, or say hi.

Mira Furlan
Dr. Paloa Ha

"I never said I don't care about politics. I said I'm trying to avoid it."

If one doesn't count the Empire's minders, Dr. Ha is the highest-ranking person at the dig site, which is remarkable, given who she is.

Her family had been on the losing side in the Clone War (the Ha family sought independence from the Republic), and Paloa has had to - at times literally - fight for an education and a placement anywhere. She's perfectly happy losing herself in her work - in fact she prefers it.

Nina Conti & Monk
Bronzed Rays Circling

Has binocular vision. Other than that, is not humanoid by any stretch of the imagination.

A workaholic by the standards of nearly any known race (though lazy in the eyes of her kind), Bronzed Rays Circling's ultimate goal is to earn enough glory through her actions to be permitted entrance to one of the underground lakes on her homeworld (this is why, when some of her fellow workers suggest there may be bodies of water buried near the ruins, her voice gets wistful and dreamy).

While she considers herself lazy, Bronzed Rays Circling never misses an opportunity to chastize her fellow diggers if they appear to be slacking off, her mottled patterns glowing the bronze light of her name.

Bronzed Rays Circling is a member of a race discovered by the agents of Palpatine during the Clone Wars, and her nest has served loyally ever since. As her race can only use the Force for one thing - stunning prey in much the same way that a dolphin uses sonar - Darth Vader has made no secret of his dislike for the burrowers {the fact that they come from a planet as arid and yet less lifeless than Vader's own homeworld may also rankle}.

biology note: her race resembles flipper-footed centipedes* with body segments each the size of a human torso. on the underside of each flipper is a hand.

* = as much as koalas resemble monkeys.

Celeste Thorson (3)
Vair Ov Semat

"I wasn't there." "Weren't where?" "Nothing, nowhere." -Ov, Hath.

She had been entrusted with carrying out a factfinding mission for the Jedi Council shortly before Anakin Skywalker's infamous actions against the apprenticed youth {Episode 3}; only her absence saved her. Little more than an apprentice herself, Ov nonetheless exiled herself as punishment for her failure.

Vair comes to the dig site every now and again, as much to break the tedium of her isolation in the wilderness, as to trade for supplies, and to assist with sifting sand from monuments...though the monuments give her a bad feeling deep down.

Dylan Bruno
R Techne

"I am what I was born to be."

Worker-ambassador of the Xhaåth race. To prevent the entirety of their secrets from being gleaned by the Empire, they sent a hybrid to the desert site - half-human, half-Xhaåth. R Techne.

He was born with a blunted hammerhead, simply a bonnetthead. Shortly after birth, having been selected for ambassadorial service between his father's race and the Empire, his soft head was molded into a more human shape (though when he gets mad at someone, then you can see the lines where he was folded).


* Xhaåth braincases are not in the head; they are between the shoulders.
* A Sith whose name has been lost to time and history was responsible for eradicating his race from An-Urbatu - an act as born in passion as when Anakin became Vader.
* In Classical Greek and Industrial English, techne - the root of "technology" - is often used as a pejorative sense.
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