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for Noveltea: "The Supernatural Bourne Crossover"

written for Noveltea.

Title: The Supernatural Bourne Crossover.
Author: Keenir
Characters: Nikki, Castiel; mention of Jason Bourne.
Warnings: during Bourne 3. (definitely after Castiel got blown to smithereens)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All canon characters are not mine. Matt Damon owns more than I do. All original characters are mine.
Note: I know some people spell her name “nicky” but in this, it’s the “nikki” spelling.

Nikki Parson was sitting in an Istanbul café while she waited for the right time to get tickets to England. And from there… stopping when she felt a man’s hand gently come to rest on her shoulder.

“Your faith will be rewarded, Nikki,” Castiel said.

Jason never talked like that. Nikki reached over and grabbed the man’s offending wrist, intending to flip him over…or at least paralyze some nerves, bringing him to his knees.

He didn’t even budge from where he stood. Nothing in his arm or silence indicated being in pain or even in a state of inconvenience. Even so, she only brought up her other hand to assist.

To anyone else, it would look like a such a tender moment that strangers would look away to afford the merry couple some privacy. Appearances, illusion, Nikki knew.

“Why’re you here?” she asked.

“I felt you could use the reassurance.” Even now, reconstituted, I can still see how strong peoples’ faith is – yours is a beacon. But even beacons need assurance.

“Well thank you.”

Castiel said nothing, uncertain of what to say.

“Who are you?” Nikki asked, knowing all the while how fluid names could be – look at Jason, after all.

“Castiel. I was an angel of the Lord.”

“Let go.”

He did as she asked. And then he was gone.

You’d better be right, Castiel. And deep down, she knew Jason would be fine.

The End
Tags: 2010 fanfiction, bourne fanfiction, crossover, supernatural fanfiction
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