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meme: shows we won't see

1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some tv show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal.

I was invited by to write Lizardbeth-j to create The Trojan War: the Series.

I call it The Trojan War: The Series.

The Trojan War: the Series

And on the ninth year of the war, one more army was cast into the battle. The Hittite Empire, to which Troy had sometimes been a vassal, had now chosen to enter the fray.

But the ties of ally to ally, and of patron to vassal, are tenuous.

Achilles - Bülent Inal
Hector - Naveen Andrews
Helen of Troy - Yvonne Suhor
King Priam - Peter O'Toole
Her Majesty - Alexandra Castillo
Menelaus - Dylan Bruno
Keto - Valerie Cruz

In the pilot episode

* Hector, prince of Troy and son of Priam, dies in battle with the Greeks.

* The Hittites give Priam warning that they will be watching closely now that they have troops in the defense of Troy....with Her Majesty taking up residence in Troy.

Main Characters:

Bülent Inal

He is not the mighty warrior that seven hundred years of retelling has led you to believe. No, his invulnerability is a handicap, not an asset - he was born into a culture where heroism is measured in how one fares against great peril, even to death; while Achilles is in no more danger of dying against an army than he is of dying from the Collossus of Rhodes or the Tower of Babel falling on him. His blood itches to fight, but he won't; instead he is pursuing fame by other means: in the first third of season 1, he is trying {and trying and trying and trying} to devise a new Great Wonder Of The World.

And, ultimately, he does: a monument of a horse, one that is itself a temple. One he offers to Troy, knowing as he does of their loyalty to a deity who favors horses.

(portrayed by Naveen Andrews)

An unfortunate casualty of the 2-hour pilot episode's climactic battle.

Pinar Altug
"End this war, Achilles."

Homer was wrong: Cassandra was not a sister or relation. She is Hector's widow.


Brother of Hector; a "coastal watcher" or lookout. Polites knows his father does not want him to be any more than a regent.

Peter O'Toole (new)
King Priam
"You slew your brother well enough. Now I have no choice remaining but to renew my dynasty." "But I am still your living son." "A temporary statement." -Priam, Paris.

After Hector's death, he considers simply killing Paris {and the consideration plays out onscreen in a thought sequence}, but has Paris sent to die in whatever eastern battles the Hittite King so desires. Now that Hector is dead, he needs an heir - and the Spartan Helen will be ideal. (after all, there's no 100% certainty that Hector's son will survive to adulthood)

Yvonne Suhor
Helen once of Sparta, now of Troy
"Beware of rationalization, boy, beware it more than impulse. I should be a prime example thereof."

She knows the alternative to giving King Priam what he wants (an heir) is to be handed over to Menelaus, which she does not want to have happen.

She also knows that the Trojan court is divided on this opinion: some want her sent back to Menalaus' chambers, and some feel that giving back Helen or the wealth she and Paris took with them would be a dismal thing for the honor of Troy.

Alexandra Castillo
Her Majesty

"I did not call for you!" "You called for the representative of the Hittites. Nesi blood runs in my veins for I am the daughter of he who is recognized as brother and equal to King of Kings and Pharoah of Babylon and Egypt. My husband is only nobility and ambassador to your spit of earth. Or shall I leave, Priam? Leave and leave you to the mercies of your enemies." -King Priam, Her Majesty.</center>

She would be perfectly happy to see Priam dethroned and Helen gone.

In Hittite legal culture, one presents two tablets to your enemy - one laying out the terms of if they surrender now, one saying what will happen if the enemy refuses to surrender - and she follows that example: when she delivers verbal ultimatums (ie to Helen), she tells what she thinks are both outcomes.

Note: "Her Majesty" is how she is listed in IMDB. Though she appears midway through the pilot, she is first addressed by name late in episode 2.

Dylan Bruno

He knows that, should he return home without Helen, he will in all likelihood not survive the first week back. His life and political future are entwined in this.

Thus when he starts to have feelings for Keto (Valerie Cruz)...

Valerie Cruz (newest)
"Your honor has brought you to this state. Let me slake your nerves." -Keto to Menelaus.

Menelaus' spy in Troy.

While she sometimes has gut feelings - dire forewarnings, her mother had always considered them - Keto does not mention them to least not when she's conscious.

She isn't ashamed or afraid of the implications of her name - keto, the master of sea beasts. Though she knows she won't be lording over anything at all unless she can win over Menelaus - though that's not why she's trying: she's genuinely attracted to him.

the photo is from an interview during Behind the Scenes of 'Trojan War: the Series'.
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