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Numb3rs tables





the original post:

I'm going to start organizing my Numb3rs fics...


Fandom: Numb3rs
'verse: Arranged
Characters: Don, Val; Alan, Charlie, Amita, Megan.

That's what other people do (drabble)Dinner: Charlie (drabble) Dinner: Alan (drabble)Val Eppes (icon)
Dutiful (fic)
Party (drabble)No Green Eyes (fic) Calculate the thought Moments in Paint Semi-Deliberate Happenstance Eight Minutes and onwards to midnight

Fandom: Numb3rs
What Ifs & Rare Pairings

x DrabbleDrabble-ish FicIcon . ,.other

Nikki ___ Who are you? (Nikki/Colby) In Hospital for Danwei (Nikki & Matt Li) & the Switch verse (Nikki/Colby AU)

Don Setting Up (Amita/Charlie, Alice&Don) ___ </a>
Charlie Birth: Charlie/Alice Chen & Uncomfortably Enemies (Charlie/Liz) Like Minds (Val/Charlie)

Alan ___ ___ ___
Colby ___ Is & Isn't & Is & Isn't II & Is & Isn't III & If not rescued (Colby AU) ___

David Something about the purple (David/Rachel Osaki) ___

Liz The Afghan Canidate (Liz/Colby) AU ___

other These Stones Are Memory Aides (Colby & Sofya Ozgal) & Kim's Fear (Kim Hall/Don: missing letter & Baby Eppes (minor Don/Amita) & Date talk over lunch (Nikki/Colby, Liz/Charlie, Alice/David) & (Alan and his friends from Vietnam-era California) ___ ___
Tags: 2007, 2007-2008, 2008, 2009, 2009-2010, 2010 fanfiction, 2010-2011, 2011 fanfiction, 3-2-1 contact, 36 stratagems, 36_stratagems, 4400 fanfiction, adler/watson, alcatraz, alphas fanfiction, april-may_2012, april2011, au, au: numb3rs fanfiction, avengers fanfiction, batman fanfiction, battlestar galactica fanfiction, being erica fanfiction, being human fanfiction, big bang fics, big bang theory fanfiction, bionic woman fanfiction, birthday fic, birthday!fic, bond fanfiction, bonekickers fanfiction, bones fanfiction, bourne fanfiction, bourne/parson, boxing day, breaking in fanfiction, brimstone fanfiction, burn notice fanfiction, castle fanfiction, chaos fanfiction, chinese legend, chinese new year, covert affairs fanfiction, cowboys&aliens, crack!fic, crackfic, crosover, crossover, crossovers, deathfic, dinotopia fanfiction, djaq, doctor who fanfiction, documentary, dollhouse fanfiction, don/alice, dresden files fanfiction, dusty mehra, east west 101 fanfiction, elementary fanfiction, fic, fic list, fic lists, ficathon, ficathons, fics, fiction, flash gordon fanfiction, flashfiction, foyle's war comm, foyle's war fanfiction, invisible man fanfiction, irene adler, iron man fanfiction, jekyll fanfiction, leverage fanfiction, lie to me, lie to me fanfiction, life fanfiction, life on mars fanfiction, lord of the rings fanfiction, lost in austen fanfiction, lotr fanfiction, missing scene, mortal kombat fanfiction, movie fic, multifandom, multiship, ncis fanfiction, ncis:la fanfiction, once upon a time fanfiction, original fic, othello fanfiction, podfic, primeval fanfiction, primeval ficathon, primevalathon, private practice fanfiction, queen of swords fanfiction, sg1 fanfiction, sherlock fanfiction, sherlock holmes fanfiction, shortfic, shortfics, sliders fanfiction, songfic, songfics, stargate atlantis fanfiction, stargate universe fanfiction, stargate: universe fanfiction, supernatural fanfiction, terminator fandom, terminator fanfiction, terra nova, the dresden files fanfiction, the hunger games fanfiction, the phantom fanfiction, the queen of swords fanfiction, the question fanfiction, the return of the worlds greatest detect, the scorcerer's apprentice fanfiction, torchwood fanfiction, transformers fanfiction, tremors, v fanfiction, vid, vid rec, vids, warehouse 13 fanfiction, what if, what if..., what if...?, what if?, what-if, white collar fanfiction, who would win?, wolf lake fanfiction, women scientists, x-men fanfiction, x-men: first class fanfiction, yuletide fics
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