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Who Is Jason Bourne? Review of "The Bourne Ultimatum" film - contains spoilers

This was a movie that even had me gripping my armrests in anticipation and excitement.

Superb use of symmetry, and excellent references to the first two movies.

Wait a...suddenly the end of the second movie (with Landy) takes on new meaning.

Like author Orson Scott Card, I enjoyed this movie a great deal - and agree that its a slippery slope. Kudos to those who dodge the slope.

Nicky's cute...even if, in my notes, I kept referring to her as Nicki.

Yes, I am a Bourne/Parsons shipper, and proud of it!

And, of course, the biggest Question Mark of them all. Was it a harmless comment, or was there a deeper meaning to the words "She's Treadstone"?

Plot bunnies abound.

Yes, hordes of plot bunnies.
(keep them away from your cell phones)
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