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Numb3rs drabble: "Dance Pun"

Title: Dance Pun
Author: Keenir
Prompt: #061: Object of Affection.
Characters: Narrator, Alice Chen; Don, Robin, Colby.
Summary: At a costume party.
POV: the narrator is a canon male – probably either David or Charlie.
Warnings: future…maybe an AU future, not sure.
Rating: M
Word Count: 148
Spoilers: Trouble in Chinatown
Disclaimer: All canon characters are the property of CBS, Heuton & Falacci. All original characters are mine.

note: yes, I wrote this in a fast-food restaurant. That’s where the costume idea came from…if a sexy slinky dress can be called a costume.

When he saw her, he forgot to breathe. The slinky mid-calf-length skirt she had on, that was only part of why.

Though it took him a bit to figure out why Alice was shying away from any sudden movements or loud sounds.

By the time he’d figured it out, he’d crossed half the costume ball being thrown for the mayor. And walked by Granger, who had on the same costume he himself did.

Seeing him out the corner of one eye, Alice excused herself from the conversation, leaving George and Martha Washington (Don & Robin) to chat amongst themselves.

“So,” he said when he and Alice were reunited. “Spicy Asian Chicken?”

“Just so, Einstein. Dance?”

“I’d love to.” Midway through the song, “How’d I find you?” still amazed at it all.

“Your life has a lot of 8s,” Alice teased. “That or you rolled a gross of 6s.”
Tags: drabble, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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