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last night's Supernatural: "my bloody valentine"

Wait...if Balkan forest gods are gods in their own right...then wouldn't cupids (the offspring of two gods) be gods as well?

not that I'm objecting to complexity.

I wonder if the next revelation will be that nephilim can be the product of an angel and any other being - human, demon, other. i hope.

If Castiel's binding forced the Cupid to stay and be manifest (and huggable?)...then might Dean's light hit have unbound the Cupid?

With all those suited-up people escorting the Horseman, I thought "ah, he's got his own band of followers - demons or not, they answer only to him."

kinda disappointing to find out that those demons were only there because Lucifer told them to.

(though not as disappointing as hearing that the Horseman couldn't tell the difference between Lucifer and Satan - or was he mashing them for the benefit of Dean?)

I honestly thought that Dean's hunger was going to be hunting.

And at the end, just before the credits rolled, first I thought "is he going to say Yes?" then I wondered "who or what are they going to send to help him?"
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