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the Percy Jackson movie

Saw Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief today.

it was pretty good.
* when Poseidon was coming out of the sea...only in hindsight do I wonder if the witness thought "got a little captain in ya?"
(yes, bad commercial reference)

* the Fury had a good wing layout...and the part of the wing that jutted over the legs, that looked rather pterosaurian without being a copycat.

* One advantage we'd have if Medusa or Hydra got the lightning, is that they still can't reproduce. (and I suspect that the Olympians would ally against whomever holds the lightning)

* if Zeus had been *really* smart, he would've banned all gods from contact with *any* demigods.

* kept waiting for the Athena statue to come to life..."get off my face, Percy Jackson" would've been priceless.

* okay, so Poseidon hates Athena for Athens chosing her as a patron deity - so why does Athena hate Poseidon?

* I was rather hoping the healing abilities would be, Percy can heal when in contact with water, so Annabeth would heal when in contact with books (or listening to a lecture)

* liked Grover's comment about Charon burning money in a recession.

* I kinda Hades the way he is *because* he's been relegated to rule the Underworld for so long, or would he be like that even if he were the god of Sunshine And Lollipops?

* "Feed them to the souls." :)

* just wondering here...In a recent book, Percy knows that the true face of a god can drive even a demigod was Hades' fire-and-horns image at the Camp and in his Home as much of a guise as his more human visage?

* d'oh, you fool, Percy! give the lightning to your mom and Annabeth *while* you go and fight Luke. honestly!

the scene after the cast list is revealed (early closing credits) is interesting, though...
how long does it take for Medusa to heal?

after all, this wasn't the first time she's been decapitated and used as a weapon, if memory serves.
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