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Numb3rs drabble: "Uniforms" (David/Alice)

Title: Uniforms.

Author: Keenir
Prompt: #251: Speak
Characters: David/Alice Chen.
Summary: Alice helps David decide what to wear to a costume gala.
Warnings: shirtless David.
Rating: K+ (unless you can conjure up a visual image, then it's M)
Word Count: 201
Spoilers: "Trouble in Chinatown", the closing credits to "Undercurrents."
Disclaimer: All canon characters are the property of CBS, Heuton & Falacci. All original characters are mine.

As part of a campaign to combat prejudice, there was a fund-raising gala at one of the downtown civic centers. The theme was Role Reversal - guests should attend in something associated with their Signifigant Other's people. And there were strong 'suggestions' that the local FBI should attend.

Still trying to decide what to wear, David looked into his mirror and frowned, suspecting that Colby and Nikki were having a far easier time.

Two arms wrapped around him - one over his shoulder, smoothing his tie; the other around his waise. "I'm sure you'll look dashing in your uniform," Alice assures him. I definately don't want to see you in a coolie hat, David.

"Nobody looks dashing in their school uniform," David said, looking at them in the mirror. Turning his head to meet her smooth eyes, "And what makes you so sure I had a uniform?"

"All New Yorkers have uniforms," she teased him.

I don't remember saying anything about mine. "Just for that," he teased back, "I know what I'm going to cook tomorrow."

Alice mock-groaned. Please, not noodles. I love you, but you can't fix them. "I also know because your mother called while you were out."
the end
Tags: alice, alice chen, drabble, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction, ship
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