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"Foreknowledge much?" (drabble crossover of NCIS:LA & Numb3rs)

Title: "Foreknowledge much?"
Prompt: #255:Punch.
crossover with NCIS: LA. dedicated to Jelsemium, who loves these shows' crossovers.
Pairings/Characters: Don, David, Val; Sam, Kensi.
Rating: PG
Summary: Kensi looked from Sam to David. "You two know each other?"
Word Count: 246
Spoilers: Soft Target, Trouble in Chinatown; Chinatown.
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.
Warnings: with apologies to Val Eng.


"Mrs. Sato -" David started to say.

"Eng," Val corrected him absently. "I kept my maiden name." Ben had insisted upon that.

"Mrs. Eng, can you think of - hold on a moment," David said, turning to turn away someone had gotten too close to his witness. "Can I help you?"

"NCIS," said the slender woman who was standing next to a tall black man.

"We have jurisdiction," said her partner.

"Not here," David said. Don had told him to stay in control of the situation, whatever it took - Don would handle any problems. 'I can't investigate this because of my connection to the victim's widow,' Don had said, 'but that doesn't mean I have to sit on my hands.'

Kensi looked at the two men, at the subtle cues that the unfamiliar wouldn't realize were all anyone would see before the fists and feet started punching.

But nothing happened. Nothing but, "David," Sam said.

"Sam," David said.

Kensi looked from Sam to David. "You two know each other?"

David nodded. "Met in Israel."

(a little later)

"As I was saying, NCIS has jurisdiction," Sam said.

"No," David started to say.

"Actually, I do," Alice said, walkng up, her badge visible.

"Alice," Kensi said.

"Kensi," Alice replied. "Val."

"Alice," Val said.

"Can't we all just get along?" Colby asked, him and Nikki coming back - Callan in hand - from checking the perimeter.

"Sure," Kensi said.

"That's fine by me," Alice replied to Colby's Mandarin.

the end?
Tags: crossover, drabble, ncis:la, ncis:la fanfiction, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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