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Here is what I suspect will happen in tonight's brand-new episode of Stargate: Universe:

* the planet will turn out to be a Lair of the Lotus Eaters.

* the moral dilemma will be "do we leave them on the planet where they want to stay, or do we force them to leave so they can be free?"

* everyone who didn't want to leave, but were brought back to Destiny will apologize and thank their military rescuers.

* and if I'm really lucky, Vanessa James will show up at some point.

not sure which is a bigger shock to me, in the first minute of tonight's episode: Scott's razor, or Park's earring.




one more thought from me: I bet the tower is going to be the Ancient equivilent of a bumper sticker that says if you can read this, you are too close.
Tags: episode, stargate, stargate universe, vanessa james
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