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wait, that was SGU?

What is this, Sam & Jack +1 here? Col. Young and TJ? seriously?

I'm hoping that Young's sense of responsibility here is collective (for Scott and Greer and James, as much as for TJ)

2. Uh, Colonel, if those aliens are advanced enough to build a planet and a star, you seriously think you have anything that can scare them?

3. Though that ties into this: Dr Caine, if you think that the aliens built the planet for you, why did they make the winters so harsh?

definately complicates the Rush-James-Caine triangle, though.

1. Dr Park has freckles!
(they were probably there all along - camera just didn't give me a good image of them before)

2. The look on Rush's face when Col. Young said that if they'd met the aliens, Rush "would finally have someone to talk to."

3. The happy, smiling face of 2nd Lt. James at the supper table.
Tags: aliens, dr park, dr rush, episode, review, stargate, stargate universe, vanessa james
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