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There are many things of ancient time in Supernatural tonight - and its fun

tonight's Supernatural...

* Kali! Ganesh! Odin. Mercury. Baron - who?

I'm kinda upset that Matar wasn't invited. (maybe she was that silent blonde woman at the end of the table?)

* so, is the plan to sit in the hotel while the rest of the universe is destroyed...and then emerge to rebuild the world?

* Loki?? wait, witness protection involves taking a god as your vessel?

* "Baldur's - uncomplicated." I bet...he's the only Aethir or Vanir who's gonna survive Ragnarok.

(when this universe ends and the next one starts, will Kali be there in the new one? or is she universe-specific?)

* Pandora?

* "There are billions of us."

* when Kali remarked "you Westerners", I'm kinda surprised Odin didn't say "they ain't with me."

* "And they call me prideful." :)

* Lucifer taught all those things to Gabriel? Sam and Dean are so so up a creek.

* hey, is that Matt Frewer as Pestilence? (Max Headroom, Eureka, Sherlock Holmes, etc)

* the Cage is still open, eh? maybe drop Sam in there - the perfect bait, after all, right?
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