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SG:Universe: "Habitable to poker"

Title: Habitable to poker.
Author: Rodlox.
Fandom: Stargate:Universe
series: "The Unfolding"
Rating: PG13
spoilers for: Faith. (AU in that ep)
Characters/Pairing: Nicholas Rush, Vanessa James, TJ, Caine; briefly Young, Volker, Greer.

Summary: an AU taking place in the ep "Faith" - what these two do on the planet.

warning: this is probably an offshoot of my series, rather than something that takes place in the show over season 1. or maybe it tucks back into the series, I don't know.

"Rush, what the hell're you doing?" Young asked, after a dash from the just-now-locked door to the shuttle to the nearest comm room.

"Playing poker, it seems, Colonel," Rush said, sitting in the pilot seat. He had been standing in the corridor, perfectly ready to ask Col. Young if he was really going down to the planet, when Lt James had walked up to him and past him, not even slowing her walking pace when she grabbed him by one shoulder...and half pulled, half led him to the shuttle.

"Do not disengage from Destiny. Do you hear me?"

"Colonel, what's the penalty for insubordination?" Rush asked. "Now compare that to the penalty of starvation."

"What?" Young and Eli both asked.

"I trust things will become clearer," Rush said, and, listening, Eli wondered who he was talking to just now.


"I thought Colonel Young was coming," Scott says.

"As did I," Rush says. "But, as you can see, plans have changed."

"Why are you here?" TJ asked them.

"Well, we're going to load up the shuttle with food and water. And then we're going to stay here."

"For how long?"

"As long as everyone else does," Rush said. "I'm sure Destiny will be fine without me. After all, what have I ever done to fix her?"

That generated murmurs and sped up everyone converging on this point.

"You can't do that," TJ said.

Vanessa grinned to herself: Tell Rush he can't do something, and he takes it personally.

"Why not?" Rush asked TJ.

Like I knew he would, Vanessa thought to herself.

"This planet is habitable for most of the year. I'm sure I can devise a way for us to survive when this planet's orbit takes it beyond the freezing point of water."

"It won't come to that," said Caine. "By that time, the aliens who built this world, will come back."

"Maybe," Rush said.

"They will. They made this world for us. They can help us get home."

"Aliens made the planet?" Vanessa asked him.

"Yes," he said, a little puzzled - he'd thought everyone had been briefed on that by now.

"And that makes them good guys?"

"An advanced alien civilization has no need to go to war."

2nd Lt James frowned, and she could see a few other similar faces among those assembled. "I'm going to guess you haven't been with the Stargate Program very long."

"Almost a year, actually," Caine said.

"Then you never met the Goa'uld or the Ori," Vanessa said, seeing Greer and Volker nod.

"Sorry, haven't."

"Fabulously advanced," Volker said. "But if you didn't worship them, they'd wipe you out."

"Not nice guys," Greer agreed. "They lived on pretty nice planets, though."

"Ones we would say are habitable to humans," Rush said.

Silence in the group as everyone digested that.

"On the other hand," Vanessa said, "maybe you're right. Maybe we should stay here and see what these aliens want from us in return for the planet or the ride home. All I ask is I get a window seat," and walked to one of the tents.

The shuttle was up and launching, fully stocked with people and food and water, within the hour.

The End
Tags: goa'ulds, nicholas rush, ori, stargate universe, stargate universe fanfiction, vanessa james
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