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Iron Man thoughts

my two pence:

*sigh* it's always the bad guys who have the parents who were in it for the evil and the $$. how horribly unoriginal, that.
wasn't World War Two supposed to disprove eugenics?

question - Stark flies his suit with the assistance of Jarvis' AI. how did Rhodes or Ivan fly?

CNN and FoxNews? Pepper Potts watches him?? shame on you, Potts.

so, faux Iron Man suits are being built in Iran, North Korea, and - where was the third one? it can't be Iraq, right?

Howard Stark knew what uninvented element would be needed to stop the blood poisoning of his son?

I half expected Ivan to say "This is what happens when you don't give me my bird!"

Happy is very happy, with her {of Shield} in his car. :)

what was her name? Romanov? Bromanov? Fury kept changing the pronounciation.

and, after the closing credits:
Thor's Hammer? seriously?

well, that would explain one of the comics my local movie theater was handing out on opening night.
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