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meme: answers to the 15 characters

a week or so ago, I made a post of 15 Characters...

here are the answers:
1. Ria Torres.
2. Alexis Castle.
3. the Smoke Monster (Lost)
4. Harry Dresden.
5. Amita Ramanujan.
6. Cal Lightman.
7. Colby Granger.
8. Toshiko Sato.
9. James Lester
10. Ancient Mai.
11. Eleventh Doctor.
12. Alice Chen.
13. Edward (My own worst enemy)
14. Vanessa James
15. Amy Pond

Scarfman asked Six has a medical emergency in the company of four and ten on thirteen's stomping grounds. Does s/he survive?
Answer: If Mai and Edward are in good moods, yes. Otherwise, Dresden vs Edward is not going to end well...particularly for Lightman.

Pygmymuse asked Two and Three go dancing - where do they go?
Answer: if this is during His incarceration, the Smoke Monster dances chastely with Alexis on the Island. if this is post-incerceration, they dance chastely atop the Empire State Building.

Prochytes asked Who would win if five, nine, and thirteen played strip poker?
Answer: Amita. None of them would cheat, after all...its not like its strip poker for the fate of the world. ;)

Prochytes asked Which out of numbers one to eleven is most like the equivalent incarnation of The Doctor (one>Hartnell, two>Troughton, three>Pertwee, etc.), and why?
Answer: #11 is, because he's the Eleventh Doctor.

(though #10 comes close, owing to Mai's sense of superiority and power)
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