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tonight's V & Lost, episode reviews

so...the Smoke Monster wants to leave because he was never allowed to leave...and Jacob hates him because mommy loved him more?

and now we're being told that the Island isn't a cap over a deposit of massive's the well of souls?

"You have no idea w-" "I have no idea because you wouldn't tell me."
an excellent point. she shot her own foot there.

I wonder if they're going to use the old idea of the Visitors being here to take our water.

(yes, there's Europa and Callisto out there...but both of those are heavily carbonated)

"feeling human emotions." ggrrrrr.
we've seen the blank-faced Vs seemingly devoid of emotion, and we've seen Ryan (a V) acting convincingly human.

...what sort of emotions might the Vs have? what ancestry has shaped them into what we see?

for that matter, why engage in conquest? a possible reason can be found in the book Ilegal Alien by Robert Sawyer.

or Hunter of Worlds by CJ Cherryh.

though back before the hiatus, when we saw the Fleet arrayed and about to head for Earth, I thought they were going to chase down Anna.
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