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SPN fic for Keerawa: "Handling the slip"

Title: Handling the slip.
Author: Keenir.

Recipient: Keerawa. Happy belated Birthday!
your request was a good one, if a bit tricky.

if this isn't to your liking, just say so, and I'll try again - not a problem.

Category: AU
Summary: Dean comes clean to Lisa about why he won't always be there.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam, Lisa; mention of Bobby, the Crossroads Demon, and Ben.
POV: Dean (for the -now-)
Warnings: Dean's deal.
Spoilers: The Kids Are Alright.
Rating: PG-11
Disclaimer: All canon characters are property of Heuton and Falacci. All original characters are mine.


"Dean, you're sure?" Sam asked.

"Hundred percent, Sammy," Dean said, looking out the windshield of the Impala.

"But what about your - ?"

"Hey! I know you and Bobby ain't going to stop looking for a way to get me out of the whole going-to-Hell bit."

"And you?" Sam asked. "I mean, I'm not saying you don't deserve to settle down, but -"

"I'll be keeping my ear to the ground," Dean reassured his brother. And I've got some thoughts about teaching these moms how to keep the supernatural at bay. This was true, he was planning to do so. But it was not his only plan.

"Dad would be proud of you," Sam said.

Dad would've dusted the Mama Changeling and tossed us bothin the Impala before we could've even thought about anything but the next job. "You bet," Dean said.

Dean thought to himself, I'm dead in under a year. Call it retirement, call it training the masses. Hell, call it normalcy for the first time in my life.



"Thanks," Lisa tells me as we collapse onto the couch once all the other moms've gone home.

"Nah," I say. "I'm just doing what I can."

"And so modest."

"That's me," and we both crack up.

"I'm serious. I don't know who gets more excited about these lessons - my girlfriends, with these new ways to protect our families; or you, Dean, with teaching us all these new uses for salt and iron."

"Just doing what I can while I can." I'm breaking at least a dozen Hunter rules, but hey, these ladies need what I can give, and what's the worst the Hunters can do to me? I'm already Hellbound.

"Dean?" Lisa asks me. Crap, I overspoke, said to much.

I look around the living room. "Ben still at the Cambells?" I ask. One of the moms takes the kids while I show the others how to keep changelings, ghosts, fae, and stuff out of their homes.

"He is," Lisa confirms. "So I was hoping you would explain the 'while I can.'"

I suppose I put off giving much of an explanation for long enough now; only gave hints and allusions before. I nod. "You met my brother Sam," well, briefly, you did. "Well, he landed in some trouble, so I stepped in and... Yeah, when I say trouble, he almost died. I made a deal to save Sam's life."

"That wouldn't be so ominous if you hadn't told us to never even joke about selling our soul," Lisa said in jest, but then she saw the look on my face when she said it, "That was you? You sold your soul to save your brother?"

I nodded, and left nothing out. Not even the bit about going to Hell. Not even the time limit.

"A year," Lisa said. Didn't ask. Didn't accuse. Just repeated.

"A year," I confirmed, understanding too late - or not admitng to himself that I had understood at the outset - that Ben was not going to be a happy camper when I goes bye-bye. That's not the sort of thing I don't notice. Christ, how bad I wanted a normal that wasn't a dream. This bad, it looks like. Damnit!

"Who - Who else knows?"

"Me, Sam," and Bobby, "and the demon I made the deal with."

Lisa nodded slowly. "Then that's what we do."

"What's what we do?"

"Get the demon to revoke your debt," she said. "If it won't, then we kill it."

"Kill the Crossroads Demon?" I ask, and I can feel a part of me rising to the challenge, relishing it. And not just because I screwed up big-time. Shoulda told you, Lisa. More than that, I should've kept driving.

But I didn't.

"Yes," Lisa says, and I can tell from the way she says it, that she's not just doing it for Ben. Before today, I would've said she was including me; just her and Ben now. Again. I can live with that, or rather, I'm going to have to be dead with that.

The End
Tags: au, supernatural, supernatural fanfiction
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