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well, the episode just ended...

* I wonder if Callan's sister is still alive...though, if she is, then who was buried in her grave?

* if the site was demolished, was it demolished with the sachel still in it? or did someone move it?

* I'm doubting those guys were sent by Iran -- yes, they were speaking Farsi...but so can a lot of Iranians who moved to other countries (and the kids of those emmigrants)

hell, the NCIS universe's Mossad knows to use English where they can be overheard - and the writers are not oft kind to Mossad.

(I know what you're thinking - "but why would someone want to frame Iran for something like that?" my answer is I don't know, but I simply thought it odd, and slightly suspicious)
though, maybe for the same reason there was a JAG episode where a British officer made it look like an IRA fighter stole his American wife's newborn baby.

the other thing you're thinking is "you know what I'm thinking? AAAHHHHHHHHHH! BRAIN BLEACH! BRAIN BLEACH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"


edited to add: another reason I doubt they were sent by Iran, is I couldn't get the question out of my head: why do the Iranians want to keep Callan from remembering his past? (much as I like to think this isn't NCIS:G, he does tend to stay front and center in the storylines)
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