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The Phantom: "You, he, and I"

fandom: The Phantom (2010)
title: You, He, and I.
author: Keenir.

POV: Guran's.
Summary: Guran's thoughts about herself, Kit, and Renny.

warning: none of these are mine.
note: cross-posting this to my Archive Of Our Own page.

Kit calls you. Best you move. He has summoned you to his presence, and you obey, entering Skull Cave. Leaving Dr. Baboor to occupy your father, and myself to stand guard.

Kit is human and the judgement of the Phantom is absolute. Not unwavering - determined.

In truth, there was no contest - I deluded myself that I held Kit's interest. You were Kit's world, always; not I, ever. Whether you leave or stay, that will not change - I know Kit well enough to know that.

You have your job. I have mine, a duty gladly sworn to. I serve the Phantom. You do not. You love Kit. As do I. I am his confessor, you are his love.

He is the Immortal who guards the world. We can never repay the debt we owe him.

Should you betray him, I will personally bring ou before the Phantom.

Hurt him, I will end you. Swift and painless, in respect for his wishes.

Fail him, and I will not.

The Phantom must be. Always.

The End
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, ficlet, guran, the phantom, the phantom fanfiction
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